Registration Form 15th Annual Female Leadership Conference
Participation support.
  • Please Register and Pay before March 8,2018,  f. 600,--/ $ 333 (early bird price)
  • if paid before April 15, 2018, f. 702,--/ $396
  • if paid before May 26, 2018,  f.800,--/ $449
  • On the conference dates f. 900,-- / $505 (not possible to pay for one day only)
BISInc, RBC Bank Curaçao, Acc. nr. 54257008
Please sent your payment confirmation at
Terms & Conditions:
  1. If for one reason you paid and cannot participate anymore, your payment fee will be usable for 2 years. Then after those 2 years, your participation fee will be not valid anymore.
For more information please contact us at
Be there and feel the experience
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